We are taking responsibility for a safe and comfortable living environment for today and tomorrow.

We care for our living environment and well being.

In the domain of international water management we are taking care of every aspect. From dredging, engineering, researching, dewatering and the supply of raw materials for land/area development and the construction industry.

Why is Royal Smals such a significant organisation? Our mission is to contribute in creating a safe and comfortable environment for today and tomorrow. Each day, every one of us believes that we have to make a difference and contribute in making this happen.

This stems from the family character, principles and values within our company. For over 125 years we have been fulfilling our ideals and creating great benefits for our environment, clients and community.

We have become a highly respected Dutch Royal company and are an international leading company in water management.

Our aim is to become the most recognised worldwide expert in our profession. We truly care and would like to help you and the environment.

We are a creative, professional and dedicated team. We are Royal Smals.

Our expertise provides clever solutions with great benefits for the environment.

Smart use of dredged sludge into new sustainable constructions.

Smart use of dredged sludge into new sustainable constructions.

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Smart use of dredged sludge into new sustainable constructions.

Throughout the process we continually seek even better solutions. Smart dredging adds value to the living environment. 

We believe that a true solution for water management can only be realised with a clear view and an integrated approach. It all starts with a certain problem, for example lack of nautical draft, contamination or hydraulic issues in waterways. Royal Smals can solve these problems with the best possible methods, innovative processes, necessary equipment and skilled personnel. We take care of all aspects of the work. Our company thrives on finding solutions for the most complex and specialist work.

We can turn around a problem in a new value chain. For example sludge into raw construction material. With our specialised dredging and innovative dewatering capabilities, we make this happen. We can deliver smart solutions with great benefits, together with our expertise, from the beginning to the end process, we can help.

Together with you, we are very pleased to be able to take responsibility for a safe and comfortable living environment.