Innovative inland water management with an integrated approach.

Innovative inland water management with an integrated approach.

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Innovative inland water management with an integrated approach.

Our expertise provides clever solutions with great benefits for the environment.

We believe that a true solution for water management can only be realised with a clear view and an integrated approach. It all starts with a certain problem, for example lack of nautical draft, contamination or hydraulic issues in waterways.

Royal Smals can solve these problems with the best possible methods, innovative processes, necessary equipment and skilled personnel. We take care of all aspects of the work. Our company thrives on finding solutions for the most complex and specialist work.

Innovative specialised dredging expertise
for valuable living environments.

Innovative specialised dredging expertise <br> for valuable living environments.

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Innovative specialised dredging expertise <br> for valuable living environments.

Before undertaking dredging works, we try to find environmental and economically interesting solutions by maximising the use of the silt into valuable resources.

Baleen Rapid Dewatering System.
Baleen RDS is a complete package for innovative and economical dredging and dewatering of contaminated silt.
Baleen RDS is especially designed to cope with stricter rules, regulations and to protect the environment.

Some advantages of this innovative dredging and dewatering system.

  • High economic efficiency and fast dewatering through reduction of mud volumes and weight up to 50%
  • Ecologically significant by non- impairment of riparian and aquatic zones, no driving on the channelbed
  • Healthy, safe and closed system: no odor nuisance, no spread of contamination, no contact with hazardous chemicals or contamination
  • Minimum of emission CO2 and noise  due to the minimum input of machines and spill of fuel
  • Small footprint off dewatering sites
  • High mobility of the whole system, short set-up times


Description of the System.
The Baleen RDS is a complex Management-System of a Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD), Polymer Unit and Geotextile Dewatering Containers. Together combined into an innovative and mobile dewatering technology.

Smart dredging.
By using a Cutter Suction Dredger (equipped with a Dredge Monitoring System), slurry, mud or silt will be quietly removed from the bottom of the channel. By using a Dredge Monitoring System it is possible to remove the material within an accuracy of centimetres. With hardly any turbidity the sediment will be sucked up from the bottom and transported by HDPE pipeline (floating, sinker or land) to the dewatering area. Just before entering the Geotextile Containers, (eco-)polymer (flocculants) is injected into the mixture to speed up the dewatering and to assure that all silt particles will remain in the Geotextile Container. The dredged material can be transported via the pipeline over several kilometers.

Polymer Unit.
Experience combined with the latest technology, makes it possible to inject polymer on the most efficient and economical way. Due to its mobile and compact design our modern Polymer Units can be installed everywhere. Also when electricity and fresh water are not available. The unit is completely computerized and after turning dry powder into a water based flocculants, The unit injects the fluid polymer in a very economical way into the dredged up mixture. No polymer will be wasted or over-dosed.

Due to the electrostatic differences the silt particles are locking to the polymer. This “locking” is not a chemical reaction, but just the effect of “opposite attraction” between silt and polymer. Now a proper dehydration finds place inside the Geotextile Containers. The big “flocks” of silt particles will settle down and the clear water flows out, back into the channel.

Geotextile Container.
The containers are  geotextile, water-permeable bags, deliverable in several kinds and dimensions. All types of silt’s, silt or contaminated mud can be dehydrated in the Geotextile Container. It is possible to pump dredged up mixtures and flocculants with a flow up to 600 m³/h. The clear spillage water flows out of the pores of the Container, but the sediments will remain inside and consolidate into semi-solid material.

By dewatering the silt, volumes can significantly be reduced, up to 50%. This saves time, storage space and reduces landfill costs enormously. This innovative system is more efficient than all classical sedimentations and cheaper than mechanical dewatering processes.

Depot site.
In the vicinity a small dewatering site has to be built for installing the geotextile containers. Before the geo textile bags are placed, small bunts/dikes will be built with an excavator or installed with an artificial dike. A protection layer of EPDM foil will be used to realize a closed depot for the gathering of clean spillage water. This clean water can be lead back or pumped back to original location.

Health and Safety.
Smals’ safety and health regulations will profide a ‘safe- and healthy plan’ according to it’s VCA** standardization (safety checklist for contractors). Furthermore the whole system is provided with a complete plan of implementation and execution will be prepared according to Smals’ certified ISO 9001 – standardization.

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