Royal Smals was established in 1885 and is a worldwide dredging company now.

Royal Smals was established in 1885 and is a worldwide dredging company now.

We are very honoured that we have been presented with this award for our 125 years Jubilee.

Royal Smals is the worldwide brand for all our group companies.

Our company runs several international businesses. Our core activity is specialised dredging activities and the extraction and processing of raw construction materials for the industry.

Our own laboratory provides expert advice and analysis and supports our research & development activities. We have been certified with the CO2 conscious certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA (SCC)**.

Continuous improvement and guarantees go hand in hand with a professional company.


Royal Smals is the brand name for the following companies.

  • Koninklijke Smals NV

  • Smals Bouwgrondstoffen BV

  • Smals Dredging BV

  • Smals Dredging GmbH

  • Smals Dredging UK Ltd.

  • Smals Verhuur BV

  • Smals Berkendonk BV

  • Smals IKW BV

  • Smals IJsselmeer BV

We can turn around a problem in a new value chain.

We believe that a true solution for water management can only be realised with a clear view and an integrated approach. It all starts with a certain problem, for example lack of nautical draft, contamination or hydraulic issues in waterways. Royal Smals can solve these problems with the best possible methods, innovative processes, necessary equipment and skilled personnel. We take care of all aspects of the work. Our company thrives on finding solutions for the most complex and specialist work.

We can turn around a problem in a new value chain. For example silt into raw construction material. With our specialised dredging and innovative dewatering capabilities, we make this happen. We can deliver smart solutions with great benefits, together with our expertise, from the beginning to the end process, we can help.

For the valuable realisation of new areas and living environments, we need the participation of stakeholders and governments. To achieve success, we have to cooperate and manage the road to success, with many people, from case studies, development processing to realisations. Having created a clear vision, we have to work together on feasibility studies, authorisations, environmental interests, engineering and profound integrated planning and procedures.

From a vision to realisation requires our long term involvement (10-20 years). Furthermore, we need to manage many execution processes for excavating the raw materials, the area development, administration, management and exploitation. In some cases we have initiated a plan and taken responsibility for the entire project development including realisation and daily management.