A 10-inch cutter suction dredger is used to carefully remove silt deposits from the bed of a drainage river. The main river was initially dug in the 17th Century to drain the surrounding areas.

Today the goal of the embanked river is to drain excess rainwater from surrounding villages and high grade agricultural land and creates water capacity for irrigation purposes during dry periods. The channel had become clogged with silt and vegetation. The aim of the project is to restore the design of the channel to improve capacity and conveyance.

This first phase of works consisted of more than 7 kilometres of the channel. First all bushes and scrub vegetation along the embankments and accumulations of filamentous algae (cott) were removed using long reach excavators. Then the small scale cutter suction dredger gently removed the silt from the original river bed. The sediment was pumped into multiple dewatering lagoons. After natural dehydration, the nutritious dredge sediment will be mixed up with the existing (agriculture) soil.

A win-win situation for both client and farmers.