High-water protection is one of the most important duties of our work. To protect our land against flood we have to maintain our harbours and canals, also in the upstream part of the Rhine in Germany. In Leopoldshafen just under Karlsruhe the harbour and leading canal to the Rhine are in need of maintenance. Improving water living environment and high-water protection are part of this complex project.

Royal Smals is dredging 160.000 tons of gravel to achieve a salvage location for the storage of about 100.000 m3 of silt coming from the entrance channel. The dredging of the canal will commence after the gravel reclamation in fall 2016. After problems with the flood water discharge we started again in the end of January 2016. Sieve and load pontoon ‘Beer’ had been rebuild and made capable to tranship loads of gravel. The gravel is transported to the harbour ‘Wörth’. This year the project should be completed.

Leopoldshafen is an ambitious project and we are very pleased to be able to deliver our contribution.

160,000 tonnes of gravel
to the harbour Wörth.

160,000 tonnes of gravel <br> to the harbour Wörth.

Royal Smals related specialised dredging inland waterways.