We were commissioned by Arcadis Nederland to carry out this attractive project in North-East Groningen. This was a Best Value Procurement contract and Royal Smals was selected as the best party.

The problem in this area is that the embankments no longer meet the new high-water requirement. In such situations all you can do is raise the embankments, although in this case a different approach is required. Dredging on the basis of a theoretical hydraulic model allows more water to pass through the profile and significantly reduces the flood risk. According to the high-water protection programme, there should be no further problems for the next 30 years.

The innovative method we employed involved giving the 350 m long embankment additional reinforcement on the inside using geotextile containers. Creating environmentally friendly river banks in the Netherlands is also contributing to the objectives laid down in the Water Framework Directive. This is an extremely important measure and an additional subsidy of around 180,000 euros has been allocated for this purpose. The protected natural environment and water soldier fields were unaffected by the dredging work.