Cannes, in the Côte d’Azur, is one of the most exciting famous cities, attracting people and celebrities from all over the world, especially promenade ‘La Croisette’ with its marina. Impressive yachts of 80 metres are docked here regularly. To improve and extend the quay and facilities we delivered all the dredging/depth expertise with the best possible integrated solutions.

Together with contracting partner Eco Systems de Dragage for our client Vinci, the worlds largest construction company, we carried out this complex work at the famous Quay 21-22. We carefully placed 500 metres of underwater pipelines so that the yachts were able to remain in place and the marina kept open. Divers secured these pipelines to prevent any damage.

The dredged material was separated into 3 subflows: course material (rock, stones, debris, etc.), sand (which was re-used as beach material) and silt fraction. Two huge mobile basins were installed to keep the silt liquid and homogeneous. After adding polymer into the liquid silt the material was pumped into decanter units.

Finally, dewatered in a filter belt press, the dewatered silt was transported by trucks to a landfill site.

Silt was stored
in 2 large bassins
on the quay.

Silt was stored<br>in 2 large bassins<br>on the quay.

Related specialised dredging and inland water management.

Together with you, we are very pleased to be able to take responsibility for a safe and comfortable living environment.