Seaworthy dredgers tidal proof with RTK-GPS.

Seaworthy dredgers tidal proof with RTK-GPS.

The Port of Esbjerg, in the West of Denmark, is the country’s largest seaport, with 80% of the Danish offshore industry. There is a large measure of synergy between the traditionally strong oil & gas industry and the new growing wind turbine industry. The Southern part of the port is extended for the growth in offshore operations.

For the contract from Rohde Nielsen A/S, we made our contribution to this expansion with our heavy hydraulic dredging work. We dredged 500,000 m3 of sand and then sprayed this onto the port site through a floating pressure hose.

For this project we used one of our seaworthy dredgers, equipped with the RTK-GPS system to enable us to deal with the tides. To optimise the dredging process and the output production, multibeam surveys were done regularly in short intervals. This data was uploaded for concentrated dredging purposes.

The dredger was towed from the Port of Rotterdam to Denmark. Following an audit by the Danish Maritime Authority, work could commence. With its coastal certificate and fully flexible floating hoses, the dredger is outstandingly suited to ports and coastal areas.

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