Production of high quality sand and gravel, serving the industry.

Production of high quality sand and gravel, serving the industry.

Sand and gravel are vital components for our society and economy. The recovery and process of these crucial resources is one of the core activities of Royal Smals. Our sand and gravel is used mainly as a basic material for construction and infrastructure. We extract and upgrade raw materials to the highest quality required to serve the industry. Royal Smals has the state of the art equipment for this specialised work.

Sand and gravel is produced and loaded into ships with volumes of up to 1,200 tonnes per hour and directly shipped to destination. Royal Smals sets the standard for production of high quality sand and gravel and washes, screens, sorts and mixes to the exact specification required by its customers.

Our inhouse engineered equipment enables us to produce 50 different types of sand within the 0 – 4 mm category. To assure high quality at all times, a sample of sand is checked every 30 seconds and determined for its grain size distribution. This system is patented. This type of quality management and control ensures top quality products and services for our customers.

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