New living environments, waterside homes, nature and recreation.

New living environments, waterside homes, nature  and recreation.

Resort Marina Oolderhuuske is also called ‘The pearl of the Maasplassen’. Royal Smals created this unique area in beautiful surroundings. It is perfectly situated in the heart of 3,000 hectares of large artificially created lakes nearby Roermond, in the South of the Netherlands. The marina is the perfect stay for both short and long vacations exploring the rivers and canals.

This beautiful resort is a wonderful holiday destination and houses a luxury marina, floating houses, also called ‘Marina’s’ and villa’s. It also has a harbour, a 5 star camping site, tennis courts, a golf driving range and, of course, a good restaurant. The area is situated conveniently within 10 kilometers of the German and Belgian borders making it an attractive destination for vacations.

This resort along the river Meuse was developed and built by Royal Smals. The area was literally ‘born out of gravel’. Whilst the area was dredged for gravel to serve the building industry, the park was developed and built on the initiative and responsibility of Royal Smals. In creating this resort, Royal Smals showed its vision in realising a totally new landscape offering an abundance of features for consumers.

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